Improve your Search Engine and Google rankings with our expert and trusted Search Engine Optimisation services.

Search Engine Optimisation – or SEO for short – is the process whereby you optimise your website so that it receives a higher rank in Google (and other Search Engines e.g. Bing, Yahoo! and Duck Duck Go to name but a few). A higher rank equals more visitors, which in turn means more leads, newsletter sign-ups and ultimately more sales for your business.

At Go Inspire we will carry out SEO work on your website so that it is more Search Engine friendly and performs better in the SERP rankings.

Many website owners often ask the questions ‘How do I get my site to number 1 spot in Google?’ or ‘How do I improve my website’s position in Google?’. These are very valid questions and ones we will answer on this page.



A huge number of variables go into achieving a favourable rank for your company’s website. And while it takes work to get to a high rank, keeping it there is also very important. We help increase your position in the search engines using a number of ways and means. Among them being…

  • Analyzing your competition and their website set-up

  • Examine number and quality of the backlinks which point to your site
  • Check On-Site SEO and making sure it’s performing at optimal levels
  • In-depth look at the content used throughout your website’s pages and make sure it’s of good quality and free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Website loading speed – and how it can be improved
  • Inspecting your website hosting and determining if it is impacting on your search results position
  • Checking for any broken links within your sitemap
  • Your Domain Authority (DA) and analyzing to see if it can be improved upon
  • Your individual Page Authority (PA) and analyzing to see if they can be improved upon
  • Inspecting your website content to see if it is actually offering value to your visitors
  • Testing to see how your website looks, loads and works on mobile devices
  • And a whole lot more besides…


At Go Inspire SEO Consultancy Group Ireland we will help you climb up the search engine rankings for your chosen keywords and terms. Higher rankings means more visitor numbers which leads to more sales and exposure within your industry.

As well as making sure your website is set up correctly for the terms and phraes you wish to target – we will also build high quality and valuable links to your website if necessary. The result of which will assist your website to achieve a higher position for your site in Google, Bing and the other major search engines.


Don’t just take our word for it.

Have a look below to see just some of the sites we have helped rank better in Google recently…

1st in Organic Results for ‘bird feed ireland’

1st in Organic Results for ‘physio dublin city centre’



Be Aware! Any company promising to get you to #1 is worth being weary of as search engines are very dynamic and are in constant flux – so be cautious of such statements. It is possible to get to the #1 position very quickly using underhand tactics, but in the long run this will more than likely destroy your website rankings. SEO is a very delicate process.


One of the most common questions we reeive from our SEO clients is “How much does SEO cost in Ireland?” or “Is it expensive?”.

This is a difficult question to answer because every business is unique, operates in different industries and has differing competition levels.

Go Inspire SEO Agency Ireland always suggests that you take advantage of a Free SEO Audit initially so we can determine your competitors and the keywords you wish to target for your campaign – as well as many other important factors.

So, why not contact us today to arrange a free website audit? We look forward to working with you and in helping your businesses website increase its search engine rankings.

Remember: MORE visitors to your website = MORE Sales